The Orkney Park Project is determined to save this gem for posterity as a nature preserve and gathering place. The Project is seeking funds, advocates and allies to join us in saving this place for the enrichment of our city.


The Site

800 North Orkney Street is a several hundred year old historically certified cart way running between Reno and Myrtle Streets. Four lots right in the middle of the block are privately owned and have several old-growth trees on them. The owner, along with the neighbors, have a strong interest in preserving this natural setting. Their vision is to transform it into a place for the community to

experience nature and to provide a peaceful gathering spot for residents.


The Orkney Park Project

A group of determined citizens, working with the consent of the owner, has set up a 501(c)(3) to rescue this place from development. The Project’s members include experienced individuals who have helped shaped the development of Northern Liberties, with contributions like the development of Liberty Lands, Orianna Hill Park, and the Northern Liberties Community Center. This coalition of neighbors intends to enroll collaborators from a wealth of city, state, and national organizations that are committed to supporting nature and blending nature into the urban experience.


Board of Directors

Janet Finegar

Sara Hirschler

Tony Hochstetler

Leslie Kaufman

Donald Phillips

Liz Reed

Danielle Scheffey

Lisa Solis


Every Bit Helps